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Plan With Me --- April 2018

Hello everyone, and I hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a blessed and joyous holiday!  I'm back with this month's entries in my digital bullet journal.  If you guys are interested,  here's this month's video:

Also, I like to include a closer look at each page spread here on the blog if you guys wanna see them in more detail than you can see on the video.  As always, click on any picture you want a larger view of.

I'm starting with a packing list layout I made last month before my hubby and I celebrated our anniversary:

Over the last year,  I've found that writing my packing lists in my BuJo works better than other methods I've tried.  I remember more of the things I want to bring, and forget items I want to bring less.  My hubby and I took a few days away without the kids to celebrate this milestone.  I think this one is the best to date because I used a few more categories than I have in the past and it was easier to get things packed as I went.  Plus, I decided to try drawing some make up and skin care doodles, which I was unsure about, but I think they turned out great!

Before I started into April's entries, I documented the craziness of March:

I didn't feel quite satisfied with this one...with one of the kids had surgery twice and between taking care of her, the rest of the kids being out for spring break, and celebrating my anniversary, there wasn't much spare time to work in my BuJo or create drawings.  This page is more word art than anything, but that was my month!  March went quickly and I felt a bit overwhelmed, so I guess you can see how real life creeps into a bullet journal.

I tried a new design for this month's calendar: 

Even though it takes a bit longer, I enjoy creating a calendar that spreads across two pages.   I like the restfulness of the negative space between the boxes and how easily the eye goes across the page.  The wavy lines are awesome, and I also love the look of the dashed outlines (the second picture is zoomed in so you can see how fun the detail is).

Because so much was going on, I didn't get a page spread for the first week of April, so I decided to just skip to the following week and get that one done.  I opted to keep it simple...it was important to get the spread done and ready to use rather than trying to come up with a fancy layout.  

One thing I did do that was fun was to add my Bitmoji avatar to the notes section of this spread.  
This is not my original idea --- I watched a video by Kara, from Boho Berry about creating and using digital stickers in your digital BuJo.  You can watch her video to learn how to do this. 

Since I'm not using the same app as her, I simply chose to to into the Bitmoji app, copy some of my Bitmojis into a folder in my camera roll,  then bring them into Morpholio Journal as I do other types of photos.  Resizing and placing them into my digital BuJo is tricky sometimes, but I still thought it was super fun!  Now that I have some of them saved as stickers, I'm going to build a few spreads around them in the next few weeks! 

If you are unfamiliar with Bitmoji, I suggest you download the app on a mobile device, create your Bitmoji avatar, and then have fun using them in your journal.  It feels like an awesome personal touch!  

Well, folks, that's it for this time!  I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've journaled so far this month, and if you feel so inclined, leave me a comment letting me know what you are excited about recording in your BuJo. 

March 2018 - Plan With Me

Happy March, everyone!  I hope you enjoying the fresh start that comes with the beginning of a new month.  I feel like I'm on a roll, staying consistent with blog and YouTube posts.  I feel like I'm starting to find my rhythm for planning and following through, and I hope you've noticed! 

Here's this month's planning video, if you'd like to watch: 

If you'd rather read about this month's spreads,  you can see them below.  Before I get started on the new month, I usually find myself going back to finish the previous month's memories.  This spread was greatly influenced by the Rock Your Journal Mastermind Class  I took from Erin Nichols, who blogs over at The Petite Planner.  I took it during the last part of January and pretty much all of February and learned so much.  On this spread, the title treatment and the pink banner are two elements are I learned how to do during the class.   I've struggled a bit with banners --- curled banners especially.   It's so nice now to be able do one up myself without having to use a premade one!

Another one of my class assignments that I completed last month was this page.  We were asked to do a special collection page, or in other words, a spread created for a distinct purpose other than the normal pages that are created each month.  I wanted to make sure it was a set of pages that would be useful to me, as I'm not needing tracker pages, etc.  I decided to make pages for date night ideas, since my husband and I are often struggling to find something to do besides dinner and a movie.   I was happy after this list was done and look forward to trying out some of these with my hubby.

Instead of using the premade calendar I created, I decided to draw out this month's spreads, using a format suggested in Erin's class.  I didn't think I would like it, but plunged ahead anyway because it looked so cool in the class samples.  The flower doodles are things I also learned in the class as well.  I love how it turned out.  If I find this format works, I may just make up a premade sheet for this, too!
I really wanted some soft, spring colors for this month, and love how it looks.  I'm so ready for warmer weather and pretty blooms, and this spread reflects that.

Here is the first weekly spread of the month, which I topped with folded banners.  I need to work on keeping both page banners similar in proportion, but I love that I drew them!  I'm proof that a person can better at something with continued effort at learning new skills and practicing them.  If you learn nothing else from reading my blog, I hope it's that you don't have be perfect to learn something artistic and enjoy it.

This last spread is the weekly that I'm currently working in.  I've been in the mood for some curvy, swirly-ness to my standard spread design, so I added some to these pages.  I'm also looking forward to tulips blooming, so I added a few small tulip embellishments as well. 

Let me know how your bullet journal is coming along so far, and if there are any new techniques or skills you are trying out.  I hope this is an awesome month for all of you!

Celebrating 100+ subscribers on my YouTube Channel (With Freebies)!

Hey guys!  I've been working on this post for a few months now.  I've been so excited to see the number of subscribers slowly but surely growing, and I wanted to do something to say thank you.  I know a lot of people like to celebrate when they reach 1K, or even 100K, but I feel like kicking up my heels now, since my subscriber list is a bit over 100.  I think small victories should be celebrated as well as the larger ones, and it's no small thing to me that this many of you follow me now.

I was so freaking scared when I made my first video.  I had to start over about ten times, I waited a 5 months or so before I decided to edit and publish it, and mustering up the courage to actually hit the publish button on my YouTube channel took a lot.

Those of you who've taken time to contact me, leave comments, and follow me here and on social media have really made my day and brightened so many moments in the past year or so.  Thanks for the encouragement and taking time to watch my content.

As a small token of my thanks, please enjoy these downloadable files.  I hope you find them useful  and like them.  Please give me a holler if you use them in any of your projects.

Bullet Journal Pages

Blank calendar grid: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f27e59r141bux6a/Bujo%20Calendar.jpg?dl=0

Gratitude Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vo7r4ckid7drceo/Gratitude%20Log%202.jpg?dl=0

Doodles, word art, and shape stickers (one one sheet): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lzxtjuyfsiwt9mn/AABbzY4vbinMcKl8ua75f4W5a?dl=0

Zip File of individual stickers, doodles, and word art (same as what you see above, but each image is its own individual file): https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7v4os693ux9hls/individual%20journal%20stickers.zip?dl=0

PDF files of all bullet journal pages listed above: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7b97d4ddetojlqg/PDF%20Pages.zip?dl=0

Scrapbooking Layout Templates



1 - 8.5 x 11 in. template & 1 - 12 x 12 in. template (these are layered .psd files): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ziw2nto6qev8x4n/Hundred%20sub%20templates.zip?dl=0

Layered Card Templates 

Card front templates (meaning, you use the templates to create the front of the card that you later adhere to a piece of cardstock.  Although not visible here, there is a small white border around the edge of the cards.  These are also layered .psd files), one landscape and one portrait: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yrwfv7txsritkx6/Hundred%20subscribers%20card%20fronts.zip?dl=0

Thanks a bunch for visiting here today!  See you next time..:)

My Best Tips for Setting Up PSE For Scrapbooking

Hello everyone!  Does anyone else get a little excited when Adobe release a new version of Photoshop Elements is released?  I've had mine sitting on my scrapping desk since last November.  It took me awhile after the holidays ended to get it installed on my laptop.   

I've been wanting to show everyone how I optimize the Photoshop Elements Photo Editor (i.e. the workspace) for digital scrapbooking.  It takes about 15 minutes or so to get things set up, and then PSE can really go to work for you.  I made a video showing the process, because writing it all out and telling you is not the same as showing you.  Here's the video for you to watch if you wish: 

As outlined in the video,  actions, layer styles, and brushes will add greatly increase your power to create artsy and more realistic pages.  It's so much fun to create a page with realistic drop shadows, artistic photo effects, and layer styles that can transform your page embellishments.  Below are lists of my favorite actions, layer styles, websites that offer free brushes.  Try them out and enjoy!

Favorite Photoshop Actions
Check out the CoffeeShop Blog for a whole 
slew of actions: http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/p/images-of-all-of-actions.html
WendyZine Actions   (her actions are great for so many things that are hard to do in PSE)

Favorite Paid Layer Styles

Photoshop Brushes
Check any of the above listed digital scrapbooking shops, or your favorite digital scrapbooking supplies store

Alright guys...get your PSE editor set up, download some actions, layer styles, and brushes and get to it!

February 2018 - Plan With Me

Well, hello everyone!  How is your February going? Mine is getting a little less hectic, since we finished off a marathon of four birthdays in my family, all of which were with a few days or weeks of each other.  There's hardly been a moment to stop and take a breath, but I'm happy now that I can get back to a somewhat normal routine.  

This means I have a new video and blog post for you: 

Here's a better look at each of the spreads for those of you who want to see them in more detail.

 First up is the previous month's memory page.  These types of spreads are my favorite right now.  It feels so good to sit down and document what's been going on with me and my family over the past few weeks.  Creating the drawings is super theraputic for me, since it involves coloring, which I've loved way before the adult coloring trend was even a thing! 

This spread may not vary too much each month...we'll just have to see how it goes.  For right now, I love having a monthly calendar and my video/planning sheet plopped in there.  While I've only been using the planning sheet for a week or two, it is really helping me to have that visual reminder and a way to write down what I want to to do.  If I write it down, I'm much more likely to follow through with my plan.   I love the colors here...so many pinks and purples! 

Since the last part of January and the first partial week of February were during the same week, you can find that weekly spread right here.  My first entire week of this month is what you see below. 
I made the pages look torn, which is quickly becoming a go to for weeklies, and did up this lettering myself. 

On the first of the month, I started taking Erin Nichol's (of The Petite Planner Blog) Rock Your Journal Class.  
 It's an entire course for anyone who wants to start bullet journaling, and those of us who've been doing it for awhile but still want to improve.  Erin has done an amazing job keeping the lessons doable, but still fun and interesting.  Out of the gate, I found myself learning something I didn't know, but not feeling like I had to practice for hours to actually get the gist of what was being taught.  I was able to practice and then have my first assignment posted in the private class Facebook group for class members.   I'm doing all of my practice in my BuJo, and here is the spread I did on my first practice session/assignment. 

Rock Your Journal Spread - Lettering

OK, and for those of you who took time to visit my blog, I'm posting some bonus page spreads I didn't show on my my YouTube video for this month.  You will only see them here!  These are spreads I did for the class that I finished after the video was up.

For this assignment, I was supposed to write my name using different lettering styles:

(a couple more pages coming soon)

What does your bullet journal looking like for February? Shoot me a reply or send me a picture or two...I'd love to see your pages.  I hope your day is fabulous!